Oh I will be glad when this day is over and done with!
It has been one of those days I suppose Tom and Jess are sat down at the moment writing out there weeks animal tasks but it has been hard going getting them going today.
We got up this morning and we went to Tesco for Breakfast to meet up with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while (who then didn’t turn up because her car broke down on route), to have the lady behing the counter ask why the children weren’t at school, Natually I told her they didn’t attend a school as they were home schooled to have her then stand there and give us the look the¬†oh one of those/just trodden in poo look which of course made a great start to the day so when friend phoned to say she couldn’t make it I asked the children if they would like to do something else instead but they would have to do their work after group and they said they would like to go and play with an other friends children (she runs the Alderbury group on a monday) and as she didn’t mind we went there before group and they had their lunches there before we went on to Alderbury and all had a lovely time Jessica Made a Fathers day card and we headed home after and got in I set them up with their work asked to make sure they were ok and understood what they needed to do and then went to put dinner on 10 minutes later came back in to the front room to find they hadn’t done a thing then had temper tantrums as to why they didn’t need to do work today as it was a special day and in the end I lost my rag and told them that if they didn’t get it done before daddy gets home they would be grounded which would mean no groups for the rest of the week and to my surprise it has worked they are both doing really well and settled down to work nicely.
I think it may have been the leaving the room that did it I don’t normally leave which ever room they are working in while they are doing their work but It was just copying and really easy they are just writing out their animal timetables of who needs to do what with each animal each day so thought they would be fine apparently not lol
anyway had better get back to it as baby sister is now trying to take their pencils :0) better get her to bed I wonder if all will go to bits the moment I leave the room again? will let you know tomorrow.