We had a slight change in routine here as My mum is moving house and needed help so we all went up to hers where the children started some of their work I only gave them things I knew they would do happily be themselves without too much supervision so put on their jolly phonics DVD and sat them down with copies of the work books which they like to do (I have photo copied the actual books and stored them and print them out whenever we need them).
and gave them some of their games they like to play junior scrabble and monopoly and then went off to help my mum pack and slowly clear as much as possible into the back room ready for the estate agents who had someone who wanted to look around the property after we left which wasn’t expected but they phoned just before lunch to say they had someone interested.
anyway it ended up being such a late night home that we were all shattered but the children loved it, but it showed the next day bless them.