Today we had great fun the children played for a little while first thing then went to their cooking lesson at waitrose where they made green curry potato salad and bakewell tarts (both of which was very yummy) then we went and got some petrol and headed to Charlene’s for the afternoon (and most of the evening it turn’t out).
The children played indoors after some lunch and the played Junior cludeo, monopoly and mouse and cheese game. then we had a bit of a tidy up and they went outside in the garden and played with the dogs, pony, Trampoline, paddling pool, and the other multitude of garden toys Charlene has in her garden ( I think mine are starting to miss having a big garden with lots of toys now) and even with the rain they all had a fantastic time while Charlene and I had a natter and caught up with general Home Schooling life natter, did yours do this, oh mines doing that sort of thing and put my mind at ease about Jessica’s reading hiccups we seem to be going through at the moment talked about moody toddlers and pre teens and a general good chin wag.
We had a lovely time and the kids have loved it, they got home and Emily had a  bottle and little something to eat big cuddles with her daddy (which was really funny she really couldn’t work out how daddy had got home before us looking at him as if she expected him to disappear if she took her eyes off him, we sat and watched Myth Busters while our dinner cooked and put emily to bed who just went straight to sleep.
After dinner and without having to be told (which believe me is a miracle in itself) Thomas and Jessica came in for a cuddle and announced they were tired and would like to go to bed! and so they had a cuddle and kiss and then they took themselves up and have woken up about 10 minutes ago! They wore themselves out that much running around I now miss the big garden :0)