Oh What a day!!! It was interesting to say the least but I have to admit I haven’t really enjoyed this week of Chaos and am very pleased to see it come to the end tomorrow (sorry I am writing this on thursday Eve) Wednesday was one of these days that had no use at all really Six Penny Handley group was Cancelled due to personal reasons of the lady who runs it and so the children had nothing to do in the afternoon and without some sort of order or organization the day became completely wasted.
We started without doing any of our normal routine the children did their own breakfast (because they are big children now don’t you know) so I just stood by watching them then we cleared away the breakfast things and sat down with some books to read, We started reading The twits (book of the month) and I read them most of the book before Emily decided she had heard enough so got her ready for her nap fed her and put her up came back down and Thomas had his nose in his Library book and Jess in hers so left them to it while I loaded the dishwasher come back and they were both looking at Thomas’ Library book, so I got out their work case and thought we would do some spellings. ┬áBy time I got out their spelling lists and Organised their booklets Thomas’ kindly pointed out it was snack time.
So I prepared them their fruit and drink (which tom then spilt onto their booklets see where I’m going with this lack of organization lol) so by time I used the last of our paper to print them out two more books (one each) Jessica had fallen asleep leaning on the table and Thomas was playing on his DS! (I never realised how long hubby’s beast of a computer took to load up and wake up into moving before then).
So I lifted Jess onto the sofa and let tom play cleared up the table and did a bit of house work prepared lunch and got everything out and ready for cooking.
all three children ate dinner then Emily Sat in her high Chair in the kitchen Door way and Thomas and Jessica weighed out the ingredients for making Chocolate muffins for daddy’s lunch as a special treat and also helped make a Cheese Sauce to go with dinner. By this time It is 3pm so they went out to play in the garden on their rollerboots and blades for a bit while I sat and played with Emily and Cleaned the kitchen up. they then came in and helped cook the gammon and peas peel the potatoes and cut the chips, then they had dinner and we Started the bedtime routine so a day full of nothing really.