Oh what it is to have our lovely routine back!

so we got up made our beds had our breakfasts and then went up had our baths and showers cleaned our teeth tidied the bedrooms and had a play then came downstairs (leaving Emily up for a nap and Thomas having some quiet time).


Jessica did all her work very nicely then went off and made lunch while Thomas did his work then he felt tired again so went up after lunch for an other quiet time and Jessica and I tidied the kitchen and brought the washing in.


When Thomas woke up we went out to have a tidy up of the Garden which had been left slightly neglected this past week and put all the rubbish in the bin which had been blown in from the people out there who are not evolved enough to use a bin yet! and cleared the grass ready to hopefully Cut the grass Thursday.


We have had a lovely relaxing day at home they have done a bit of everything, a bit of housework, a vast amount of school work in a one on one setting, bit of watching TV, a bit of gardening and some time on their hand hold games, these are the sort of days I enjoy from time to time but I think everyday would be a bit tiring (always find lazy days tiring) but was much apprechiated after the Bath trip on Friday which completely wore us out when then comprised with an unsettled baby for the past 4 nights too (I am soo getting to old to still be up past 10-11pm let alone the 12-2am Emily has been settling since Bath I personally blame the glass floors lol).


So we then set about Making pancakes and the children had Pancakes for dinner and they both had a chance at flipping the Crepes then Emily went down to Bed (fingers crossed she will stay that way tonight mummy needs her zzzz’s) and Jessica had a play on her DS then Jess went up to bed and Tom had his time on his DS ¬†before going to bed.