Today was out of the ordinary but the children did well we woke up and they had their baths and we had a play and a Tidy up they asked not to work today and ask for some mummy time instead so that’s what they did knowing full well that tomorrow they will have to do todays work as well as tomorrows but I don’t think that a day every now and then of just having fun at home with mummy does them any harm and as ever they still did some learning they just didn’t notice.


We played Bed and Breakfast which is one of the things they like to play at the moment (I think the fact Mummy likes Hotel Inspector might have something to do with that lol). I really do think that £300 pounds for Emily’s out grown cot matteress on the floor under Jessica’s bed is a tad steed especially considering I had to share it with 2 Bugs Bunnies :0), not to mention the £58 for a bowl of make believe cereal and the £20 for the glass of orange juice. Although it has come down in price since last week when we played it and it cost my pretend Early learning center card £3000 by time they had charged for everything.


We then Played with Emily for a little while with her giraffe thing and the puppets, then played with their dollies for a little while and Tom’s Ben10 figures in which I got beaten by spider monkey.


We then had a quick tidy up and made some lunch ready to go to Alderbury and off we went the Children had a great time playing with their friends even if they were left having to stay indoors as our typical British Summer didn’t disappoint, It Rained all afternoon!


When we got home they had their baths and they took their bathtime doll in the bath with them then we finished making dinner and finally off to bed.