Health and wellbeing Project Starts today. One of the best things about home ed is being able to make learning truly relative. The project I have planned for the children will be just that.

Monday 25th July 2011 Health and wellbeing Project

Today we started their new project. I picked this project so I am not expecting it to last long. But I have a few set goals I would like to achieve by doing it.

Here is what I would like to cover with the children:

  • Sleep issues
  • oral health
  • healthy diet
  • mental health and importantly why its ok to sometimes feel sad.

So any ideas as to what we start today?


We started the project with the sleep element as this was a big problem at them moment.

We started with asking them why they thought people sleep. Their responses were quite funny.

Thomas suggested it was because the night was dark and before electricity there was nothing else to do.

Jessica thought it was so we could have breakfast.

So we looked into why humans sleep and then spoke about why Thomas didn’t sleep. When he said he just can’t I asked him what helps him sleep and he didn’t know that either.

To help him we looked into and decided to try some simple sleep exercises.


Where Vegetables and fruit comes from?

Moving onto Fruit and vegetables and where they come from. We did a little quiz to find out how much they already know. they aced it so I let them off with some easier work. I lined them up some colouring sheets and ordering sheets.

Jessica doing her sequencing work.

We started with a short conversation about the very basics where could things come from.

They looked at the different plant types our food comes from and the parts of the plant they are eating. We did some great sheets from SparkleBox (2021 edit no longer available but Twinkl have some great ones here)

Activity Idea: Trip to pick your own farm.

To add a little fun and to give them a real idea of where their food comes from we went to a local Pick your own farm. We went to one near their nana’s house. Once at West Grange Farm they picked Raspberries and Strawberries for pudding.

Food Groups
Day 2 of our health and Wellbeing. Today we looked into food groups. They did some word Searches based on the different food groups.

Activity Idea: Plate of colours

British heart foundation free resources.

Activity today was from the resource pack from the British heart foundation and had some fun with the food rainbow. You can try Artie Beats cookbook too