Well I think today went well all things considered :0)

We didnt have dancing this morning and boy couldnt you tell I need to get back to waking early will give myself one more night to get over the four nights Emily had me up till 3am and then have to be back to early wednesday because it is thomas’ Birthday.

So we got up and had breakfast the children had breakfast and I prepared their breakfast then I set them up and they worked very hard while I emptied the car and put their bikes and skates in the car.

I then checked their work and we got ready to go to Alderbury.

We got there slightly early and the children played on their bikes with their friends while I had a natter.

We then came home and they watched a DVD while i did a bit of housework then they helped with the last few bits and daddy started dinner when he got home and they played on the computers for a while then they went to bed.