Happy 8th Birthday my little man!

Today was fantastic we got up and went down stairs where Thomas found his Birthday Pressents he loved them he then played for a bit and then had a baths and got dressed.

We then packed the dog in the car and went out to tesco first for Thomas’ birthday breakfast,cake and party food.

We then went to budgens for lunch bits and the off to Smyths toy store to spend some birthday money.

We then headed to Sixpenny Handley for group and had a picnic on the grass before everyone else arrived and took charm for a quick walk to.burn off lunch.

Then in group you finished the grouting of the childrens bird baths.

Then you played a shortened Dodgeball session with Gemma.

After that I put out your party food and everyone had some before Nicky put on Birthday Party games while Connor Provided music with his DJ kit and I tidied up and sorted the cake and party bags.

We then did the cake and sang Happy Birthday to Thomas.

When we got home I ordered Thomas’ choice of dinner and then 3very tited little people went to bed.

I Would like to thank everyone who helped make this such a special day for Thomas,Especially Nicky,Gemma,Connor, Ryhs, Dee, Emily, Lindsey and her three children especially Little Connor.

I  had one very happy little birthday boy who for the first time in his little life had people turn up to his Birthday Party unlike when he was at school and no body ever did even when they said they would it means alot to all of us but especially Thomas so a big big thank you for sharing it with us x x x