Today was a busy one we got up and dressed then made a shopping list and headed out to Walk Charm who unfortunately held us up as she had a bit of a funny turn but luckily it was close to home and thomas ran the few houses between us and home and got in the back to get a towel to wrap her in to bring her home. We stayed with her until she recovered and seemed ok and then headed to the HEaT Group in Tidworth, Where the children just played today (they hadn’t seen each other for a while as we have been busy and as most of the normal group attendees were on Holiday we just sat and had a natter while the Children all played and they loved it as I parked Emily got so excited it was very cute.

We had to leave their Early to go to town to do some shopping and bumped into one of Thomas’ old School Friends mum (from the school Morgan’s Vale and Woodfalls before we moved to Amesbury) and we stopped for a quick chat and then went on to Mc Donalds for lunch.


After lunch we went to the Chemists to pick up some Plasters and a few other bits needed for our First Aid kit and then to the bank and on to Iceland for a big Freezer Stock up. From there we went on to the cake shop to get the bits needed for Thomas’ Birthday and then to £land where the children got a toy each Thomas got a Water Pistol for a water fight when we got home, Jessica a little Pony to brush the hair on and Emily some Playdoh.

When we got home they all got changed into their Swimming costumes and had a Water fight having their little outside table blow up summer house and their Play houses as bases and the area under the rotary line being the shooters area and every time they got hit they died (very Dramatically) on the grass.


After about an hour they started to get cold so we came in for baths and then they were allowed their lazy time and they both wanted to play on the computers so tom played on the PS3 on Pirates of the Caribbean and Jessica on the Wii on Sim City while I did the blog and then Tidied up (or at least I hope lol).

they will then have tea and go to bed one at a time so they are ready for Sixenny Handley and the long trip home with Nanna Tomorrow to give mummy a couple of days to Catch up with Washing and Sort my Dad out with Housework! (No rest for the wicked and all that)