Today we watched some TV first thing while Emily finally Slept on me and once she had woken up around midday we all had baths and showers and got dressed popped in the Car and headed to Tesco to get some bits needed for cooking (which went horribly wrong so looks like might have to buy a birthday cake as well as taking the Cakes that we have) and got a few bits for lunch came home and had something to eat then we made some cakes and cookies the first batch were ok but after the second batch went in we all sat down to watch a film and I fell asleep with Emily and didn’t wake up till I smelt the cakes burning so although they were only just burnt they weren’t any good for Jessica’s Cake :0(


We then sat down and watched the rest of the film together until daddy came home when we sat down and had dinner then Duncan Tidied up and put the Children bed for me bless him while I sat and wrote this and then I think it may be a nice hot shower and then bed for me Unfortunately I am not feeling too good mainly to the lack of sleep last night as I was up with Emily who kept waking with bellyaches bless her so we spent the night on the sofa’s with the spare quilts (which live down the side of the sofa as I seem to sleep on the sofa more than my bed at times I get really ill at night complications from my┬áhyperemesis gravidarum which hopefully will clear itself up in a couple of months did with the last two takes awhile for my body to be able to stand food again properly, That and Emily’s whopping cough out breaks and breathing problems at night when she has the slightest cold I think it is a good job the sofa is actually quiet comfortable lol).


but all in all I survived the day with all 3 Children in tact lol