Today we didn’t do much either we read some of Thomas’ Horrible Histories Magazines and played with the playdough.


That was pretty much each the children have found it very boring not having their school time that we have decided to put some set activities in next week (not work but organise the time they want a bit more structure but not school work) so over the weekend I will run them up their normal timetable but instead of work put in fun activities they would also like to play together and have a set time to play something together each taking turns to choose what so we will be implementing that next week)


I am very proud of them as after a long discussion about how we could make it structured enough for Thomas without it being too structured for Jessica. This may mean two seperate timetables which I think may be the case now anyway as Thomas has really started to steam ahead with work now and Jess bless her is still making a steady progress but has a disadvantage as she is not reading on her own yet so Thomas is reading reference books and finding things out before we cover it and poorJess is left behind a bit miffed.