Ok I know I have missed updating this for a while but I have been a bit under the weather so we have basically been down to basics (actually it has happened at a good time as the children are on their “holiday” but has been a pain none the less)


Today we have slowly got back on track I have caught up with a vast amount of the washing I didn’t do while poorly and housework too, We have been food shopping and caught up with that too so Hopefully with one more productive day tomorrow we will be there.


Monday is the 1st Alderbury since I have taken over running it and we have decided to go for a sports day so we have cooked some cookies and Cakes for the Group Monday I still have to pick up some Milk but we have everything else (Oh I still have to do Certificates for the Children but I have some time tomorrow after I finish the housework and I have some time tomorrow Morning before I have to go and prepare the hall.

We have brought a New computer series for the Children and it is fantastic Thomas and Jessica Love it and they have whittled away many a hour while I have been poorly with it. It is called Learning Ladders and we brought the 1st 3 discs from PC World last Sunday for £20 I am now planning on buying the next 3 up as they are enjoying it so much. I am also Expecting the Education City Log ins to come through any moment too which will be good this was on a special group offer organised by one of the Ladys of the NHEO Board.

other than that you haven’t missed too much other. The children have now finished their Houses although Mum’s one still needs a lick of Paint and both need the Tiles Sealing but Hoping to finish mums while we are waiting at hers Wednesday and Mother in laws when we go up to retrieve our Trailer (thats if we ev er manage to get the car sorted out before our holiday in between Mum’s furniture, Alderbury, Both the Children’s Cookery Classes, Sixpenny Handley, the ATC Trip and something else I can’t remember at the moment lol.


Anyway it is late now I have just finished putting the washing away I did today and knew If I didn’t catch this up tonight it could quiet well end up being left till after our Holiday lol.