Today My little Man made me so proud after spending friday night up with Emily Saturday night looking after my Brothers three kids and then Sunday night Up with Emily again my little man decided Mummy must need sleep.


I got up at my normal time of 6am and came down and fell asleep on the sofa the children woke up as normal at 7am and woke me I got there Breakfast and fell asleep again and My little man Put all their dishes out put the TV on for Emily Sent Jessica up to play in her room and he decided to do some work so he sat up and did some maths then he helped Jessica with some of her maths. They also both sat down and did a bit of writing Practise.


Anyway when I did wake up we got up and got ourselves ready to leave for Thomas’ cooking lesson in Waitrose and where he made Tandoori chicken and cous cous salad and White Chocolate and Cherry Muffins. as Every I will try and add the receipes if I ever find the time lol.


Anyway by time we had all finished nattering and got back home it was four o’clock so it was just a case of  Dinner, baths, story and bed.

Tomorrow is Sixpenny Handley and they will be soap making.