Ok sorry about the quiet period but I seem to be constantly run off my feet at the moment but I will catch up with the dates I have missed as soon as I can (maybe this weekend).


But as for today we got up and had our baths and showers, got dressed then the children had their breakfasts, then they did some work on my laptop, read a few stories on Starfall while I did my last minute panicking about packing all the bits ready for group today while also worrying about the things I still hadn’t managed to get. they also did some colouring and played Dominoes together while I then packed all the things needed into the car.

We then went into Amesbury to check out a few shops for those last minute things mentioned above and also to pick up some lunch before heading off to Tesco in Salisbury for Dummies for Emily.

We then got to the group hall in enough time to have our lunch before getting into the hall to set up for group.


The children all made Biscuits today and then we cooked them and they decorated them before taking them home to eat, it really doesn’t sound like much but that is all we had time for some did get to do a bit of the crafting but most spent the whole time making biscuits right up to the last minute.

We had 3 new family’s today which was lovely it is always nice to meet some new faces and I hope they all throughly enjoyed themselves but I didn’t find the time to talk to them too much as It was one thing after the next so hopefully they will come back next week when things will be calmer.


So all in all we had 10 Family’s from our group + the 3 new family’s so we had a great turn out.