Today we got up early to head to Basingstoke to get my phone fixed (hence the lac of updates sorry) then we all went ice skating and went for mc Donald’s lunch before heading to my in laws house.

Tomorrow the children are going to be seeing their auntie Jo and uncle Chris (Thomas’ God mother) and then just after lunch my in Laws will be home from France and we will celebrate Grandad Ben’s and Uncle Andrew’s Birthdays before heading home for early nights and mass clear up and put all the washing away ( which I brought with me to do here).

Now as for what has been missed Jess has got to grips with writing and starting to show real progress with a new reading system called the reading tree ( I think will double check when I add the books to our book list) Thomas has really got the hang on division after realising it’s his times tables back wards, the children have started their new project at Sixpenny Handley they are making moving sand pictures, we have had the groups Halloween party last Wednesday, Thomas has been using different resources to look into his Marvel V DC his little project he wanted to do himself and we have been swimming the Thomas has done a cycle maintenance course and has been pottering around with his bike ever since and that’s all that springs to mind really they have had two days off this week because Emily was I’ll and then in Hospital after a false alarm of thinking she got hold of paracetamol thankfully it ended up having to had been an empty packet as her bloods were clear so she must have got it out of the bin but always better to be safe than sorry.

I now have a new phone after the last Samsung Galaxy S did the same as the three before it so now I have an IPhone 4S so have a phone that does what it is meant to do :0).

Ok so hopefully that is a brief catch up of what we have been up too for the past month since my last phone died and now it should be back to normal.