Oh it is so nice to be able to update my blog again!

Ok happy Halloween well all of October the children have been learning about the origins of Halloween and today we did a quiz to find out how much they remembered while we were doing different things (our yearly traditions of putting up the decorations, making Halloween cookies and cakes for the trick or treaters, and carving our pumpkins) and I was surprised at how much the children had learnt from me and also some of the stuff they had learnt from the printed pages from the web (I fiddled with some text from a website and made them into little booklets for them to read thought they had been trashed and ended in the recycling bin but turns out they have been reading them ( such a proud moment)

Anyway by time we had done the secs cookies cakes and pumpkins it was
Time to pop out and then it was he
For dinner and bed sorry it is soo boring but hey the kids love Halloween