So ok life has been very busy of late so sorry again about the scattered posts but we have been up to lots Thomas has started to read skulduggery Pleasant to me and is doing really well Jessica is blooming under the Oxford reading tree and is reading Emily is learning to say more and more and now knows where her eyes nose mouth shoulders hands feet ears hair and knees are I know I don’t mention Emily too often but she is still being taught things too I just tend to focus this on the older two because they are at school age anyway Thomas is getting along with his times tables nicely and they are both doing well when it comes to their history we have changed things slightly the children now pick a subject each day to do and Thomas has started to learn to use the calculator and adds up lots of things while I do my weekly shop on Tesco.

Money has got very tight as we hit the season of the year that gives most parents nightmares on the months leading up to it Duncan has had a pay rise which means in turn the clever benefits take more than his increase off us he earns an extra £75 per month they take a hundred off our benefits so as If things weren’t tight before I am now feeding our family of 5 on £50 per week to save up for the car tax mot and for the dreaded festive season :0S

Anyway thanks to a great free cycle type of site online I have managed to deck utter a bit and get the childrens school room better organised so it is now easier for them to pick and choose what it is they want to do but all in all we are going through a bad patch really We are at home more due to lack of petrol to go out and so they are getting bored and are less progressive than when they have something to look forward to of an afternoon but it is not for long and they are off to nana’s for a week at the end of the month to give me chance to spring clean and get my decorations up before our landlords visit who might I add is being a dick! Apologies for the swear word but 6 months ago tried to scare us into moving out because I hadn’t dusted my TV and had Packaging in the bin upstairs and Jessie and bullseye toys were sat on the stair!!! So past 6 months have been a bit unsettling for us and over the past month we have come to realise we will need to make the choice of what to do about our old dog so I will be glad to see the end of this year but school wise they are on track I am happy with thomas progression Jessica’s is still slower but I don’t think that will change much until she stops being lazy about reading she sat and read a older child book perfectly to me the other day a whole chapter but with daddy and others she acts dumb and just sits there making funny faces so we will have to see.