Ok sooo big apologies for the lack if up dates I have had sooo much on we have gone through a bit of a rough patch and had hell with our letting agents. So stress has been high and the children have been doing more work on the computer of late.

We have been reading a lot too we are nearly finished skulduggery pleasant other than that the children haven’t had any kind of structure at all and I can safely say it doesn’t work for us but as I keep reminding myself only one week left then they go away for a week and I can have this assessment and tell Bassets to back off or I am taking legal action!!! (just to give you some idea of what’s been going on we have yet an other house inspection each one they have found things to fault from lack of dusting our furniture to a cup in the sink!!!! They have done 4-6 inspections since we moved in two years ago and are constantly harassing me it is getting worse as time goes on and is now doing my but in and has me sooo stressed out I am not sleeping, part of my condition is when things like inspections are known about I go to pot completely I don’t cope with them at all they stress me out and completely unhinge me so to most people having someone enter their home isn’t a problem to me it is a BIG problem, And as it has gone on it is getting worse t
The first one they came the day Emily was released from hospital and we honestly didn’t know they were coming so hubby had been there alone so there was clutter dishwasher wasn’t loaded but they showed up about 2 minutes after I got back to the devastation they didn’t say a thing the bloke said its ok there is no damage to the property and that’s all that matters well 3 months later they come back they gave me two days notice so I said no because the children had cookery that day but they showed up anyway an I believe got bit by my dog as they tried to enter without permission so came back a week later without notification of their intentions to do so (without notice) well I was in Southampton and said he could not enter and told him to phone me regarding making a convenient date so a week later they came in and he complained about a cup in the sink children’s work on the table and dust on TV and Hoover being out! And it has got worse and worse ever since and each time I stress more and more worrying what excuse they are going to use to try and evict us next so I thought this time if he wants a show home I should receive at least a months notice of these visits so I took a month he comes back on the 2 nd December and mother in law has the children all that week so they will get a show home my mum is coming for a witness when I tell them they will not be welcomed back into the house and if they try to do so I will have them for harassment!! And in the mean time I am finding out what my rights are so as I fall into bits the children are doing their learning ladders and letters to Santa and the Easter bunny ( no idea they wanted to write to the Easter bunny) and lots of reading as well as try are back doing the Tuesday group again and the Wednesday group as normal and we have been to friends houses

Anyway wish me luck and will see you when the inspection from hell is over and done with and hopefully this time try will leave us in peace to live our lives x