Today was very very busy we were up Early and headed straight to Fleet and then back down to Hook with the Children and Mother in law to set up a display for Alderbury Sixpenny Handley and Dodgeball displays. we got there before Jaki (who organised  the Hampshire, West Berks and Bournemouth LA to come and see what it is our children actually get up to within our home Education groups).

We then had to leave as Quickly as we could to ensure we got back to Alderbury in time for the Christmas Party, We made it eventually if 15 on time for everyone arriving (30 minutes later than I normally arrive!) the traffic was horrendous and I kept getting stuck behind these little old people who either had a car soo big they were scared of driving it or the sorts that do 40 regardless of the speed of the road they happen to be driving on lol.

anyway we eventually got there safe and sound and got all unloaded and the tables out quickly enough and everyone had a fantastic time and we even had a visit from the big man himself!