Today the children had glass painting class at Sif’s in Salisbury (lovely lady and some fantastic work they do there) unfortunately I didn’t have time to stay with the kids so have no pictures of them and as I have wrapped tons creation he made for Jo I don’t even have one of the finished project :0( not very on the ball today.

Thomas did a heart with a picture of his face in it and a white background and Jessica did a little girl opening Christmas presents I will take a picture of Jessica’s and then also take one of toms once it has been open and add both later.

Thomas also got his first big boy hair cut today to go with his big boy bedroom and he was pleased as punch with it bless him I think we will definitely be going back to barbours in Amesbury as they were fantastic with Thomas and no cut ear this time! Ghettos is terrible not only were both hair cuts horrendous (Thomas and Duncan’s) but they also cut Thomas ear with the scissors and shaved all of Duncan’s side burns off rather than making them tidy!!! Don’t go there lol.

Anyway I don’t think we did anything else today other than read as I was on te phone to the council before we left and then the two older children went as soon as we were. Back from Sif’s so once Emily woke up we went to the toy shop to get her birthday presents just me and her and then we went to visit a friend with her little girl it was the perfect day (well few hours by time she woke up) with her really anyway I am off to bed now as early start come morning as normal we have a nice calm day tomorrow x x