Happy Birthday to my little Angel Emily who is two today :0)

I only had Emily today as Thomas and Jessica are with nana in London to see the nutcracker ballet (shame I missed it but when they changed the date from the 8th and wouldn’t give refunds was left we no choice no way was I missing my babies birthday for anything lol).

I will do them a post once they arrive safely home and tell me all about it.

Anyway Emily and I had a lovely day I woke up at normal time then spent 3 hours sat watching her sleep waiting for her to wake (got bored lol) at 8 am she woke up finding me sat on her floor which she found funny, we went down stairs and she opened her presents from nana, Thomas, Jessica and granny before having breakfast and a play while mummy had a quick tidy up we then went up and I got dressed made my bed sorted Emily’s clothes as the door went it was the repair man coming to fix the bathroom sink taps.

We then once he had gone bathed Emily and got her dressed loaded the car and set off with dog and lazily went about collecting a few things from friends before going to the pet shop in Amesbury and heading to symths in town to get her mummy and daddy’s present her scooter.

We then headed to Sixpenny Handley popped in the shop and she came in too wondered around got some lunch before picking up the hall keys and wondering off to set her scooter up and the hall.

Emily happily played on her scooter while I set the tables out and the whole session actually so I managed to paint some glasses for the kids for Christmas in between bum changes and lunch.

We then headed to ring wood to drop some money and pick up some coats for her before popping in on granny and heading home and having to stop and call my dad for water (SEB seems to be going through it a lot so now have her booked in for some TLC can’t be without a car) any who so she got to see grandad too.

By time we got home it was 9:30pm so had some quick dinner showed daddy her presents and then all went to bed together she loved her day yesterday it was lovely even with the set back of the car lol

And the best news of the day a very close friend of mine had her baby as well can’t wait to meet her :0) such a lovely day it was perfect in every sense x x