Today was a little bit of a wash out.

Instead of the nice clear cloudy day that mr weather man predicted dear old mother nature had other ideas so we didn’t get to do our recording again (honestly can’t remember if this has been noted but book of the month is going on a bear hunt and the children really wanted to do their own recording of it but so far everytime we plan to do it mother nature kindly waters the garden soo were not having much luck with it lol)

If I haven’t done the blog on this book I will do tomorrow.

So what did we do instead we read the book as well as some other fun favourites such as slinky merlinky (one of my all time favourites from my childhood) don’t forget the bacon etc etc and played with the rainy day glitter tube I got for the girls who had great fun covering my school room.


Thomas although joined in with the reading and cooked dinner under supervision other than that did nothing but PS3 but as stupid as it sounds his reading has come on no end since allowing him to play them by himself as he is having to read the instructions to work out what character he needs and what to do next lol.


What do I have planned for tomorrow nothing I am not sure I am liking this no plan thing but after the computer throwing a strop and deleting everything i am stuck until I can find two days to re create everything again this includes the children’s work sheets progress and school plans time tables the works honestly I would have killed it had it been alive to kill so much for backing up if I hadn’t it would all have been fine ha ha

Anyway I have A date with my bed I don’t want to miss so I am off for a few hours sleep before heading into a busy day doing loads but nothing again argh I want my order back!!!!!!!!