Today we got up and had breakfast did a bit of reading and the children feed all the animals and then we got dressed and went through some new toys they were given the Wednesday and then took the pushchair out of the car and all bundled in to go and see friends Charlene with her 7 children and I got to have cuddles with month old charetee the kids all played the two boys played on the WII for a while then went up stairs to play dr who Emily played with chantee with all the peppa pig stuff and Jess played with Tisha, chatel, telsea, and cherry mainly on te trampoline or with the dolls while Charlene, terry and I caught up with general chit chat.

When we got home we had more bits that Charlene had given to the kids and we went through that while dinner cooked sat down has our dinner read some new books and then they watched a bit of tv before story and bed not really a school day today lol