Oh well haven’t made it to HERA the car broke down on route there this morning so from 8am till about 9 the kids were sat huddled in the car freezing with the clothes they had on plus their spare sets that live in the car as well as their coats and spare coats blankets and Emily huddled in two baby grow bags too!! Yes it was that cold!!

Mum came and picked the kids up while my dad came with water to get car back to soton and am now awaiting my mechanic to finish taking his dog for its jabs and come and have a look at SEB and see what’s wrong with her I spent soo long swaddling the kids forgot to do my self and by time dad got to me an hour after kids had left for granny’s I was frozen and now have a bit of a chill so will have a nice warm bath in a minute once the water heater heats to warm myself up ha ha


so I had my bath and was still frozen through and it would appear it was bad news it was the head gasket that has gone so My dad dropped  me to my mums in the morning (where the children had stayed the night) they had done some Alaphbet practise and wrote out a couple of sentences with granny bless them) mum then took us all home it was so nice to get home I still wasnt feeling too good but it was so nice to have my children back with me.


Duncan had been fixing his computer and Thomas and Jessica helped me tidy up and get all the stuff we had to pull out off the car away including finding a home for Emily’s pushchair the day seemed a complete waste I had wasted days and to be honest sunday was much the same the weekend came and went in a blink of the eye and come sunday bed time hadn’t felt like we hadn’t actually had a weekend at all (don’t you just hate weekends like that).