Wow what a day it has been great we got up and popped to the bank to check on the process of the standing order for Alderbury hall charges and then headed to Alderbury stopping at the shop on route we then went for a little walk around before setting up for group.

It is soo nice to see the end of the side effects of my medication I was put on in dec only taken 3 months to get the cocktail right lol oh how far modern medicine has come there is more available now than at 9 when told I had asthma and after trying almost 20 different inhalers I have finally found a replacement for my becatide that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction well the allergy medication I have been put on clears the red blotchiness up which I can live with even if they have caused insomnia for a few weeks and now fatigue won’t be long before them and my other tablets level out again. Who would have thought allergies, post natal anxiety lead depression and asthma would cause such a taboo lol oh well starting to feel normal again now so that’s a good sign now to concerns rate on catching the children back up me thinks :0)