Well after a lovely if tiring break from the norm and spending the night in a beautiful hotel room with such stunning views we are now headed back almost 24 hours to the minute we left but the whole thing was well worth it.

The soup last night was lovely but the main course wasn’t anything to write home about and the company (with the exception of my husband) wasn’t brilliant either but part of that was mainly the fact we didn’t know them.

The comedian they had for the prize giving and auction was absolutely fantastic (apparently some tv show star) and in the whole the night was fantastic and I find myself wishing it had been a little longer but I think that is generally normal.

I quiet enjoyed the chance to get dressed up but OMG how do woman ware high heels day in day out honestly that is an achievement in itself lol I managed a few hours before my feet started screaming at me for the comfort of being able to return to walk flat and have some space.

The Biggest shame was at the beginning of the evening I had a little wine and I don’t think the tablets I was on likes it too much as went a little dizzy but then that could be down to the run up of Thomas I’ll phone stolen I
Was poorly and then Emily really poorly leading to almost 2 weeks of very little
Sleep so if we ever get the chance again I will be in better stead.

Anyway all in all a well worth break from the hum drum of normal life but I will be glad to get back home