Today Thomas is going to write our daily update about what we have done.


BBC Interactive games

Today i did the 9 to 11 interactive games above after finding the younger games were to easy for me.

Jessica did her  5to7 interactive games and did really well.



Thomas wanted to help me update the blog lol bless him. He is doing really well but unfortunately jessica is still struggling with simple number lines and alphabetic ordering she tries really hard but doesn’t appear to get it one little bit so we go back over it and she gets it again we try to move on and she doesn’t understand and clams up i am not sure what to do with her she is very intelligent but she just seems to be to lazy to try so she shuts off and that’s it she doesn’t do any more i am hoping that a little time the end of next week with daddy helping her she will start to engage again as it worked last time.