Today we finally finished our mars Information unfortunately despite toms original idea of mars being made out of Mars bars it turns out unfortunately it isn’t but he did decide it was one of the most interesting planets he has learnt about as when he did planets at school several years ago it was very boring!

We decided after yet worked so hard finding the information on mars and helping to change that to the Coombed bound typed information booklet pictured that we would let them have some fun with paints and finish the wall display after the surprise break for Duncan and I and my great aunt being taken to hospital we hadn’t finished the wall and instead started finding information out about the planets and checking to make sure the information on the websites they found could be trusted.

So with daddy’s help they reprinted all 7 planets the sun had survived the removal from the window and all 3 dwarf planets and found photos of the planets and painted them all saturns rings were made of card and different coloured lentils and spilt peas and we even made some flour and water mâché and did scrap modal paper mâché rockets for a bit of fun in the afternoon.

The children also pictured a catapilla and did a web search to find out what sort it was and what it turnt into while Duncan and I cleared the table and made lunch.

They managed to do soo much in one day I was really proud of them.