Today we met up with a Home Education Friend who told us about an Easter event that was going on so we met up with her at the event and the children had a great time. They made an Easter Garden, Decorated Easter Egg’s for a Competition and made Chicks, Had their faces Painted and also made Easter masks. They also stayed for lunch of Hot dog and Hot Cross Buns.


Thomas with his face Painted, Jessica With her Egg for the competition and Emily’s Easter egg for the Egg Competition.


Jessica’s Easter Garden she made the Cave where Christ was Buried, Emily just chucked in a bit of everything and Thomas (not that this picture shows as it fell apart a bit moving it to the pushchair) was meant to be the hill that Christ was put onto the cross on (he covered it with white fabric because the hill in which Christ was executed on was sandy!) and he only Added the one Cross to represent Christ’s Cross he put a lot of thought into it.


This is Thomas’ Easter egg for the Competition and the girls making their Eggs for the Competition.