Today our jubilee celebration lessons start as we look at how our country has changed in the 60 years our Queen has ruled out country. This is the start of the children’s week long activities on our Queen and her reign over the United Kingdom.

Tomorrow we will be looking at who our queen is, we have already covered the change in currency from old to new money, as well as the real life fairy tale surrounding the Queens Uncle who gave up his crown for the woman he loved.

So now we are going to look back over the pervious celebrations and see if they can determine the cultural differences between them and imagine how a celebration like this may have been celebrated 200 years ago when the royal family were real heads of state and had control over decisions and decide which they think is best either a country governed by a Royal Family or one governed by the people via a political party elected by the people.

We also have lots of fun celebration cookies and cakes to make ready for our families celebration on Sunday when we meet up with out whole extended family (my mum and siblings, Aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins etc.)

After discussing the up coming week, the children did their reading, went to the doctors for My bloods to be taken and ask for an appointment for little Emily (who has had some bad side effects to her MMR injection a fortnight ago tomorrow) and the older two played in the pool to cool off while Emily went up for her nap.