Today Thomas made some lego models while the girls and I did some cooking. We made a  selection of fairy cakes Jessica picked the recipe out of her magazine that she would like to try and create, we then read throught the ingredients to make sure we had everything and she weighted out her ingredients while I helped her read out the step by step instructions to create the cake mixture. Jessica Then put the mixture in the oven to cook for 20 – 25 minutes.


While the cakes were cooking she decided how she was going to decorate her cakes and what things she may need to do it, she decided although the cakes in the picture of the magazine were nice she would like to come up with her own designs using her cutters and glitters.

While the cakes cooled they all sat down with the lego and Thomas had done some wonderful models and had asked to enter them into the Lego competition in his magazine so we took pictures of him with his creations and using my computer he filled out the online form and I showed him how to attach the photos and he happily sent them off. (below is the picture he sent off)


Thomas with his creations.         Emily with her model of a piemid! lol

By this time it was snack time so they sat down and ate one nicely cooled cake each before we set about decorating the remanding cakes.


the Girls sat eating their cakes.


First they rolled the sugar paste out, Jessica helped Emily with this as she wasn’t managing by herself and she didn’t want mummy to help her.


Jessica then carefully set about painting her cut out suger paste and mixed herself up some butter icing and put it into my electric sugarcraft gun and started to add it to the top of her cakes.


She then used her painted sugar paste shapes and decorated each cake.


Jessica’s finished master pieces. these were the finished results (I helped her cut the tops of the angel cakes and fill the sugarcraft gun but she did the rest herself.