Today was Thomas’ first appoinment with Dr Lwin for 18 Months after the hospital decided to boot him off their lists and we asked for Thomas to starrt Medication for his ADHD and asked to go down the non Stimulent route instead of the Ritalin route and we have been lucky despite Dr lwin denying all knowledge of Strattera (the non stimulent drug for the medication of ADHD) as soon as showed him the NHS Website showing Strattera on it as a medication for ADHD and being suitable for children his knowledge seemed to grow on the subject (never ceases to amaze me does that!) he was still as anti Home schooling as ever and as ever asĀ arrogantĀ as ever but we finally got some results Thomas is now on strattera for his ADHD and Lactoluse for his other problems.



as you can tell the children were completely bothered by the hour wait for the doctor lol