Well today was fathers day so we all did nothing and ate fried food which is basically the fathers day tradition in this house when we have bacon sausages egg beans and chips for dinner making it not only daddy’s favourite day o the year but also the children’s 3rd favourite day (Christmas and birthdays taking the top stops quiet naturally!)

Jess had worked worked hard
On daddy’s fathers day cakes the day before while daddy took Tom to
Town for a father son day of wondering around computer shops and buying fish for the tropical tank an other fathers day weekend tradition is girls aren’t to
Into the whole wondering around a
Shop full of computers and computer parts/games/ programmes so we leave the boys to it.


We sat and ate popcorn and watched old movies (three men and a baby and flight of the navigator this year) and generally played and slouched the day away :0)

So to my darling husband

Happy Fathers Day

We all love you x x