Well where to start in regards as to what we got up to today! well we started the day in our normal way and then sat down and started our next page in the children’s Olympics lap book this page being all about modern Games that are played in the Olympics todaythe children sat down and thought about the Logo’s the UK have come up with for this years Olypics and their mascotts, we then had a little look at some of the mascotts and logo’s from the past and compared all the ones we could find. We then took a look at the Olympic Flag and I got the children to have a think about what they thought the flag could mean and then we looked into the frenchman who is really the founder of today’s Modern Olympics. we then left it there to complete tomorrow and went on to cooking lots of nice things for the weekend.



The children’s page so far.


Thomas Decided he was going to do lunch while Jessica made a start on her cakes. He wanted to do Cheese sandwhiches with a Fruit smoothie and a packet of crisps so he mixed the smoothie up himself and decided he wanted to put some ice cream in this one as he had seen it on one of his cooking shows he likes to watch and then while that mixed he made sandwhiches for himself and his sisters and opened 2 packets of crisps into a bowl for them all to share.


While thomas did that Jessica Got out all of her equipment and Ingredients