Today we Had a busy day with starting our next page of our Lapbook and we had the plumber come and finally came to fix the kitchen tap.

while all this was going on we looked into the type of sports that were in our modern Olympics and covered the 2012 Olympics page with all the different sports from beach Volley ball cycling and everything in between they also decided what they wanted to do for the last page they are both going to make themselves up a team and we are going to follow their progress through the Olympics and see what they win and how well they are doing then place them on their own podiums in the ring of the page depending on how well they do (so Jessica has chosen Tennis, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dressage so if the chosen team member for Tennis come in 4th, Gym 8th and Dressage gold her podium will have her dressage choice in first place, her tennis in 2nd and Gymnast in 3rd).

So their Choices are as follows:

Jessica                                                                      Thomas

Rhythmic Gymnastics:                                                Archery

Tennis                                                                        Cycling

Dressage:                                                                   Fencing

So we will start next week looking into those sports and our British teams in those catagories looking into the different types of Cycling and Tennis and they will pick the person they want to win or think will win and follow these sports on our SKY SPORTS Channels on our TIVO box. these 6 people will then become our British team :0)

So over Monday (and Tuesday as forgot to take picture at the end of Monday’s school work due to plumber and children started under their own steam on Tuesday) their pages looked as follows.

While we were doing our Olympic Lapbook Emily had great fun and some great adventures as a red witch, Turtle, Princess, Pirate as well as her favourite Killer Pumpkin Costume lol.


Then during break they all played Hide and seek lets see if you can seek Jessica! Answer at bottom of Page :0)


After all that we got up and went to Jessica’s First Gymnastics Class, She absolutely loved it despite the fact mummy only found out it was going on 2 weeks before the end of the term lol (turns out we have this lovely little  sports centre tucked up behind the Stonehenge school and they have some fantastic things going on they are both going to be going to the Trampolining Saturday (I am hoping Thomas Likes it) we have also started to look into Bownies and Scouts again as now our problems with our lettings agents are resolved and we aren’t in such a rush to move on.


These Pictures aren’t great the Left one was taken while trying to stop Emily from Climbing on the Apparatus during the Cool Down and the Right one was taken from the viewing platform where Tom and Emily were playing with toys and watching TV.

Jessica is under all costumes being sat on by Emily!! lol