Wow what an amazing day so where to start t was a normal morning really (for a Wednesday) we got up got sorted and dressed then left for group.

Once there helped set up (although I say this in the loosest term this week as nicky had organised a bouncy castle and a bouncy gladiator ring, Connor had his DJ kit up and going as we were slightly late). It was amazing and the kids got a bit of freedom until everyone else showed up.


Then slowly everyone showed up and the disco kicked off. The children had a great time playing on the bouncy castle and duelling in the gladiator ring while we sorted out all the party Food planned how to go about the Scientific experiments and generally had a natter.


After all this we did the glop experiment which was a great success and loved by all even if Jessica’s first attempt did do a little wrong leaving her looking like she had just preformed an autopsy lol


After that the children all ate while we cleared up the first experiment and made space and organised the next one which again was a big success as they made their own lava lamps.

Jessica did this but Thomas was too busy duelling his friend to tear himself away so I said we would do it at home next week instead.


After this we hand musical chairs and music bouncing bumps before everyone left and we cleared up to head three very tired children home to bed