Wow what a day (it is Sunday night as I type this which should give you some idea of how busy we have been lol)

My little man turned 9 on this special day he had us up about 5:30am which was great because it meant daddy was still home and got to give his little man a birthday hug and be there for the opening of his first set of presents.


We got him 3 tops (mario, Iron man and a spiderman) the Olympic mascots teddies, a little Olympic magnetic snow globe and a Ben 10 echo echo who shoots things.

The. We had a special breakfast of croissants and jam followed by some
Time sat watching a few old Dr Who’s and a phone call from nana (who was in France).

We then headed out to Pizza Hut for a special Birthday Lunch before they went to the sports centre for an afternoon of activities.

While they were there Emily and I headed to Smyths toy store to pick up toms sky landers (ordered them a week before but only made it in on the morning of his birthday I was actually getting worried they wouldn’t come) and then home in time for a quick tidy up before Granny arrived we then went shopping for his birthday tea things and got everything finished just in time for me to pick them back up again.

So they came back and granny had done a few finishing touches and Thomas’ little friend came over to play.

Not anywhere finished yet as they played from about 5-8pm in which time they played in the pool opened more presents, played swingball, played on sky landers for a while, got showered and ready to go out, played with Lego and ate cakes, donuts, crisps and pizza.

Then we sat and watched a little of the lead up to the Olympic opening ceremony while daddy got in and got showered and dressed ready to leave for the cinema.

Mum had the girls for an Olympic evening and they all had great fun while we went to see the dark knight rises (the new batman film) Thomas had a huge fizzy tango slushy and popcorn.

We then headed home and caught the end of the opening ceremony and Tom took himself quietly and very tiredly up to bed after big cuddles and kisses all around.

He had a fantastic time and apparently it was his best birthday ever! :0) I still can’t believe how grown up he is getting all three of them as a matter of fact it seems like only yesterday they were all tiny helpless babies and now they are all slowly becoming so independent.

Anyway that was the end of that very busy day :0)