Happy birthday my darling girl 7 today :0) and what a day you had!

We got up early and you opened your birthday presents before daddy went to work!




Then we went shopping (every girls dream birthday lol) we brought all the bits for you birthday tea and you decided what it was you were going to do with poppy and river you decided against games and went with doing things instead! Any way we brought all the required pieces and got back just in time for some lunch and to drop you for your afternoon at the sports Center.

While you were there mummy and Emily popped into town to take the cake mould back and buy your birthday present (your new hamster cage for NugMeg) then we headed home and laid out your birthday tea table and got everything ready for your birthday tea.


So you invited poppy and her brother river for the tea party and started with presents showing poppy what you had got and talking about moshi monsters etc then it was time for the food followed by cooking time where you and poppy made cakes and river and Emily made biscuits.




Then while they were cooking and cooling it was time for more playing moshi monsters while mummy tidied up then it was on to hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream with warm biscuits straight from the oven and cake decorating!

From that it was time for the big birthday cake light up as daddy had made it home now so we light the candles and sparklers and sang happy birthday.



And then it was home time for
Poppy and bed time for my little birthday girl, little man and my baby :0)