Today we started our 2nd Olympic lapbook the children did really well Thomas did most for the work Jessica is a little further behind Tom now so think they may have to start doing their own lapbooks as Thomas is charging on a head now doing more advanced things than Jess.






It is starting to look good the children just need to name the athletes and do the keys for the graphs and then it will be complete they also just need to add the winners for their chosen sports to their other one and that will be completely finished to :0).

After maths we spoke about William Shakespeare and asked them who they thought he was and where he came from. They didn’t know anything about him but did know he was in horrible history’s and liked talking to human skulls! Hmm there maybe some work to do here lol.

We read a few poems and I introduced them to the idea of plays and DRAMA!

So after all this we had a late lunch and then popped to the shop for them both to spend their Birthday money (they both brought expansion packs for Skylanders) and went home for a snack and some time on skylanders while I write this and catch up on my blogging, time tables etc for this week.