Well we finally woke up about 9:30 am and the kids shortly after not really feeling any better we got up and dressed phoned daddy to arrange picking him up from work for Thomas’ hospital appointment and he had to cancel they were loads of drivers down I wasn’t too impressed and had to quickly make arrangements for the girls an the closest person available was Laura in Southampton so feeling a bit rubbish still we went shopping with what little money I would have left after putting petrol in SEB to get us from Amesbury to Southampton back to Salisbury back to Southampton and then back to Salisbury again, paid all the bills and packed a bag to stay at Laura’s over night rather than driving back late.

We then had a quick tidy up and sorted Duncan’s dinner etc for that night and left for southampton after a little detour not feeling too good I started following an interlink van without thinking why (being use to following interlink vans with Duncan driving them its not as odd as it sounds) any way realising what I did as I entered the wallops so we took the Romesy Detour instead lol finally getting to Laura’s with no time to spare she ran down and took the girls and we turned straight back for the hospital getting stuck behind every tractor in Hampshire and Wiltshire on route!

We finally made it parked the car ran to the children’s unit (2 minutes late) saw Dr Lwin who lowered Thomas’ dosage back down to 25mg and then we ran to the pharmacy to catch it before it closed down too, got Toms meds then headed back to southampton popping in on granny first and picking up a very late lunch/ dinner of mc Donald’s on route back.

The kids then played for a while before we got them all to bed.

Laura and I ended up nattering away over a bottle of wine most of the night catching about an hours sleep before the children woke up next morning.