Today we got up and dressed eventually unfortunately Duncan and I had had fish and chips from the new chip shop Tuesday night and spent the whole night being sick so he crawled to work still not feeling great and I dragged myself up got nothing done before it was time for 6 penny Handley and we sulked off to that.

By time we got there it was chucking it down and I felt so ill I couldn’t get out off the car so I left the children to have their lunch in the car before Gemma showed up and we finally ventured in side the hall and stared to set up Emily then wet down for a nap if somewhat reluctantly and the children played a while I took some medicine but was still feeling awful so we made our apologies and left early we got home at four and I made the children their dinner and them we all went to bed Emily drifted straight off and Tom and Jess watched a DVD first falling asleep about 10 minutes in (thankfully as by 4:30 when they were asleep I felt so bad I went to bed too.