Ok so this year we are doing a homemade Christmas!

So that means organisation so we have spilt this into the ten weeks from now till Christmas excluding weekends!

So what does this mean? I hear you say (well actually I don’t because your who knows where and I will be asleep in 10 minutes but you know lol)

It means we are making everything ourselves this year everything except Santa’s presents (which of cause I have no control over) will be hand made or second hand we have decided that although paying hundreds of ┬ús is a nice thought we want to push for a more stable future which means in this climate cutting back on things and saving where we can and one of these savings is Christmas so home made everything from sausage rolls to pop corn tree decs.

Plus with Jessica’s love for my seeing machine and a sudden urge for a home rather than a roof I thought it would be good to have a home made Christmas and start the new year with plans to decorate.

Anyway for now its bed there will be one of these posts for each of the 10 weeks as we count down and get ready for a new type of Christmas ????