Well it’s Monday again and I am still ill so children are still only reading and doing as much as I can muster the energy for at the moment.

This has to be the only bad part of home education I hate being ill at the best of times but the thought of my illness effecting there work annoys me greatly (not that it has ever done them any harm) but I can see the end of this blasted cold/flu/whatever it is the antibiotics are killing off after being able to sleep for the past two nights well and this morning work up at my normal time of 5 am for the first time in weeks.

Just being up to see Duncan go off to work has cheered me up no end so things are looking up and I now know next week we can catch up and everything will go back to normal I am even actually looking forward to having no car for 3 months!!

3 months of not being able to do anything for anyone oh joy being at home I have already decided to restock the freezer with my home made “ready meals” optimism is such a funny thing you don’t realise you have lost it until you find it again (yes it is pretty safe to say I do not do poorly very well I am a fantastic nurse but rubbish patience ha ha)

Anyway non of this actually tells you what we did today does it really. Truth is nothing we went through the last bits of the room juggling went trough clothes and disposed of those too small or inappropriate for the season clothes and then a friend popped around had a chat until my parcel arrived at which point we put on the play station for a game of Skylander Giants.

Then by lunch we were on our own again and did some reading over lunch discussed the fact that now mummy had rounded up all her material scraps they won’t all fit in the material box so we may need a bigger one and then Emily went for a nap in her much love new room she laid on her bed and watched lots of doggies (101 Dalmatians for those of you who don’t speak Emily) and played with her teddies on her big girl bed.