Wow we actually got a lot done today yesterday being the first day I felt we’ll enough to eat properly has given me a little energy today (boosted by snacking on nuts most of the day) and we finally finished upstairs the bathroom is back to its sparkly version of daily cleansing appose the the bi daily quick wash of the past few weeks Emily’s room has all her toys in it (even her downstairs kitchen in preparation of the Christmas tree in a few weeks when I pop out to buy it as it is Duncan’s year for a real one appose to my beautiful expensive shop brought fake I love lol)

Thomas and Jessica’s floor is cleared over the weekend we will need to sort out toys into appropriate boxes but that’s all and our room is getting cleared of washing baskets I am slowly catching up with the 3 weeks worth of washing greatly thank a to Duncan’s efforts over the weekend bless him.

So today ended in children actually making their normal bedtime routine and mummy actually sleeping over night so well I nearly throttled the alarm when it told me it was morning :0)