Well happy Birthday baby today we celebrated your Birthday you woke up and we took you down stairs to your big pile of gifts.


After you had opened them all it was breakfast time and you had porridge, after breakfast daddy took you upstairs for a bath while I took your brother to Trampolining and popped to the shop.

When I got home you were still sat on your bike peddling in the wrong direction lol.

Then after I had picked Tom up and got back Granny had turned up and you sat down and opened her presents.

And you sat down with granny telling her all about your presents and how old you were now while mummy cooked dinner.

Nana and Grandad turned up after a little while just in time for dinner so we all sat down to eat.

After a roast Lamb Dinner and home made Triffle Pudding you opened their presents

And then you opened uncle Andrews present which was a lovely little blue and white dog you have since named Chase!


You were so excited about all your presents and by having everyone together not really knowing who to go to first Nana, Grandad, Granny or Daddy all your special people in one place all together :0)

After presents we lit your candles and sang Happy Birthday and had a little tea of fresh rolls gammon, cheese, sausage Rolls, crisps, Birthday Cake etc and then went out side and lit some sparklers in the garden in the dark.


Once in it was time for everyone to get ready to head home and we stood and waved them all off first nana and Grandad then Granny.

As granny was getting ready to go you announced “Bye bye dont come back again soon” which had us in laughter we think you were saying come again soon or even see you again soon but it just didn’t come out right.

When Granny was in the car and Leaving you were stood in the door way waving saying “bye bye Granny” then granny’s car reversed and you got all excited and shouted “Ooo it’s moving” and started to laugh

After that it was pretty much straight up to bed where you watched Peppa Pig and fell asleep.

I Hope you enjoyed the day you held in so well considering you didn’t have a nap all day.

All my love Titchy Witch x x x20121214-132550.jpg