And Jessica, Thomas and even Emily managed to make al these wonderful presents for their Family and friends.

20121223-092557.jpg 20121209-103203.jpg 20121209-103138.jpg

A needle Roll For Granny’s Knitting needles.

20121209-103919.jpg 20121209-103912.jpg

A money Bag for Grandad Len.

20121103-102037.jpg 20121104-222410.jpg 20121103-102026.jpg 20121104-222425.jpg

A Chef’s Apron for Grandad Ben.

20121203-074218.jpg 20121209-104008.jpg20121203-074149.jpg 20121203-074202.jpg

Photo Frames for Granny, Grandad Len, Nana and Grandad Ben.

20121019-113833.jpg 20121019-113845.jpg

Charging Station for Nana and Grandad Ben.

20121209-103350.jpg 20121209-103344.jpg 20121209-103333.jpg 20121209-103115.jpg

Pencil case and Pencil Roll for Millie.

20121209-103208.jpg 20121209-103315.jpg 20121209-103321.jpg 20121209-103327.jpg 20121203-071751.jpg 20121203-071739.jpg 20121203-071721.jpg

Make up bags and Make up Brush Rolls for Livvy, Hatty and Finella.
20121210-231015.jpg 20121210-231009.jpg 20121209-103007.jpg 20121209-103019.jpg 20121210-231003.jpg 20121203-073922.jpg 20121203-074000.jpg 20121203-073748.jpg 20121203-073738.jpg 20121209-102933.jpg 20121209-102946.jpg 20121209-102954.jpg 20121209-102822.jpg 20121209-104028.jpg 20121223-092109.jpg 20121223-092102.jpg 20121223-092055.jpg 20121223-092048.jpg

Selection of Bath and Pamper sets for Nana, Granny, Auntie Laura, Auntie Jo, Livvy, Hatty, Millie,Finella as well as…

20121210-230958.jpg 20121210-230944.jpg 20121210-230951.jpg

Mud Bath Surprise Bubble Bath (Full with Bugs) for Ginny, Jake and little Lennie.


Grandad’s little Helper Matching Chef’s Apron for Grandad Len.


Hand warmer and homemade removable cover.

20121209-103053.jpg IMG_6572

Remote holders for Daddy and Auntie Laura.

IMG_6570 IMG_6571

Needle Holders for Mummy (with daddy’s help),Auntie Laura and Granny.


Bakugan Case made for Owen.


Sewing machine Pin cushions For Nana, Granny and one for us and ours.


Thomas’ Picture Frame for his Auntie Helen.

20121003-074655.jpg 20121003-074716.jpg 20121003-074920.jpg 20121003-074900.jpg 20121003-074821.jpg 20121003-074750.jpg 20121003-074735.jpg IMG_6574

Individually Decorated bags for Granny, Grandad Len and Finella, Auntie Laura & Owen, Livvy, Hatty, Millie, Ginny, Lennie, Jake, Nana & Grandad, Uncle Andrew & Caroline and Auntie Jo.

20121223-092132.jpg 20121223-092126.jpg

Chocolate selection Box for Uncle Andrew and Auntie Caroline.


Horse Mug packed with sweets for Hatty’s Birthday.

20121213-061938.jpg 20121213-061927.jpg

Cookies for Auntie Laura, Owen, Livvy, Hatty, Ginny, Millie, Jake and Little Lennie.

IMG_0810 IMG_0811

Head bands for Emily.


Santa’s Snack of two home made mince pies and warmed milk with homemade magic Oats and a mini carrot for each of the 9 reindeer.

Then there was all the things they made for our Homemade Christmas:

20121210-230923.jpg 20121210-230917.jpg 20121210-231023.jpg 20121209-102600.jpg 20121207-225718.jpg IMG_6158 IMG_6156

Our Gingerbread House.

20121209-104623.jpg 20121205-053618.jpg

Our Christmas Cake.


20121209-104653.jpg 20121207-230535.jpg 20121207-230500.jpg 20121207-230452.jpg 20121207-230342.jpg 20121207-230440.jpg 20121207-230429.jpg 20121207-230417.jpg 20121207-230404.jpg 20121207-230352.jpg

Our Christmas Table Center


Our Christmas Tree Full of Home made Decorations (plus a few that are family specials)

20121214-131657.jpg 20121214-131708.jpg

Emily’s Birthday Cake

20121214-132642.jpg 20121214-132637.jpg 20121214-132625.jpg 20121214-132631.jpg

Our Gingerbread Tree Decorations

20121214-172741.jpg 20121214-172747.jpg 20121214-172752.jpg

Pre christmas/ Emily’s Birthday Meal Place Settings

20121203-073054.jpg 20121203-073104.jpg 20121203-073031.jpg 20121203-073126.jpg 20121003-075320.jpg 20121003-075308.jpg 20121003-075254.jpg 20121003-075240.jpg

Tree Hanging Christmas Trees and Baubles (Machine Sewn).

20121205-053526.jpg 20121205-053545.jpg

Mince Pies (lots and lots of Mince Pies)

20121205-053532.jpg 20121205-053538.jpg 20121205-053601.jpg

Popcorn Stringed Tree Decorations (although were eaten before mummy even got a picture of the 5 metres they did lol)

20121203-072822.jpg 20121203-072814.jpg 20121203-072801.jpg

Decorated Pine Cones for the Christmas Tree.

20121203-073227.jpg 20121203-073236.jpg 20121203-073247.jpg

Paper Snow Flakes.


Stollen yum yum

20120923-084250.jpg 20120923-084255.jpg 20120923-084317.jpg 20120923-084311.jpg 20120923-084305.jpg

Jessica’s Practise Apron (she made one for Emily from some spare material before making Grandad’s birthday or Grandad’s Christmas party)


Thomas helped me make this for Jessica (it is a big bag which will be slid onto the anti Roll bars of her bed for her PJ’s to go in as well as her evening Reading book and any other little bits that may fall down otherwise)20121010-212041.jpg

We couldnt resist using up some of the left over eggs to make a pancake lunch :0)

IMG_6357 IMG_6356 IMG_6203

Our Yule Log (chocolate Swiss roll with real cream filling and Chocolate Gnash)

IMG_6152 IMG_6155 IMG_6154 IMG_6153 IMG_6358 IMG_6359

Our Christmas Table Centre piece.


So all in all we were really quiet Busy Really lol