Today was a very busy day that started with a trip to Tesco and ended in the doctors surgery and a early night.

So went to Tesco to buy Jessica’s ingredients for her tester cakes (they were LOVELY didnt last long once we got to the NHHE group though lol).

Got home and thomas went upstairs to play emily went for a nap and Jessica made her new Fudge fairy cakes.



Then Aimee arrived to wash charmy dog and just as we got Jessica’s first batch out Faith arrived to give Jessica her Piano lesson ad both got to be Jessica’s first taste testers :0).

Anyway after Faith and Jessica had finished her lesson we grabbed our lunches up piled in the car and headed to Basingstoke to meet up with friends and go Ice Skating.







Then just as we were leaving jessica banged her head and on-route home was sick in the car so we headed straight home and for the doctors surgery to get her checked out (everything was fine but better safe than sorry) and then got home tom and emily (who has MC Donalds for tea) went to bed jessica jumped in a bath and got ready for bed before she came down for meatloaf dinner with mummy and daddy then heading up herself.

Daddy brought home emily’s new bed so today will be interesting as it is currently taking up the whole of the dinning room! But hopefully it should be jessica and emily’s new beds and solve our bed problem until we move :0)