Today we had an other busy day ending in three worn out children :0) (well 13 worn out children actually)

We went to lidl and brought some cheese and then we headed to Tesco where jessica spent 2 hours, Choosing what to spend her pocket money on (why dis i teach her about value for money!! Lol) but she finally found what she considered the best use for her pocket money (a moshi monster Tshirt) and then we got back in the car and headed home.

We got home and finished the cakes



Cooked them and then we headed out to meet up with friends at Clare’s house where the children all played beautifully and we all nattered you wouldn’t have known there where 13 children in the house the older boys went and played air hockey (Thomas, Jake and Tyler) while Jessica played with Dalton, daisy and at one point watched a film with the “big girls” (poppy and Chloe) and the emily played with baby Connor, and i think i have forgotten a child or two (too late for brain to engage will check again tomorrow when i find a minute)

And while they all played us mums had a good chin wag while making oven cooked jackets with beans sausage and cheese on.

I always feel better after a chance to put the world to right a giggle and a laugh with the girls and its great that the kids get on so well too.

We did a bit of Volcano making with a little bit of baking soda and vinegar and popped a balloon with the gases released.

Then chloe and Jake decided to make pancakes so after the smoke cleared the children all sat down and had pancakes :0).

Thats all really it was pretty much home for bed lol