hello ok so we are back on track and settled in I have run up my weekly time tables and done this months goals and completely back on track even if somewhat disorganised on where things are finding books etc but hopefully once we finish our new binary code (yep I have finally bitten the bullet and set about trying to find an order in a life full of chaos and decided to vote for the binary code lol) for our books and resources we will solve that I won’t be holding my breath but surely worth a little investment of time to find out?

we have decided we miss our display walls so have decided to no longer hide the school stuff in the garage after long thought and months of failed attempts of making it work it hasnt so we have decided to go back to the dining room come school room.

so this month’s focus is as follows (yes I do realise this is a very simplistic version of previous plans but I have been using it 2 months now and it is working well it is more of a weekly one with the months goals leading into the weeks goal I hope it makes sense with Emily’s health issues at the moment sleep deprivation is starting to take it’s toll lol)

Thomas and Jessica

Week one: 1st July 2013

Current Projects:

English: Poetry

Maths: Symmetrical Images

History: Henry VIII

Art: Nature.

Religious Education: Christianity

Science: Soluble and Insoluble Substances

Crafts: Pillow case Making, Taggy Making and Thomas’ Birthday cake.


Spellings, Poetry, Dictionary uses.

Aim: go over pervious spelling lists from where they got to before our move from Superteacher Website and to continue with the poems and poetry theme started this week we will be covering Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat, Cats sleep anywhere and when daddy fell into the pond and to have made their own poems by the end of the week. This week we will be using the dictionary and finding words in them and their meanings, using the dictionary to discover new words to be used in our work and covering spelling lists 1-5 (one list a day)


Symmetry, general Addition, Shapes, 2&4 Times tables


Introduction of Symmetry get them creating their own symmetrical shapes and seeing the symmetry in the world around them. Also as we have had a couple of months during the move where school work has been a little disorganised and hap hazard we are going to briefly go over previously covered areas as a refresher including addition number lines and shapes and the 2&4 times tables this month.


Henry VII, His Wives, Reform of the church.

Aim: to Introduce them to the world of Henry the VIII and what made him stand out from the rest of our historic Royalty. This week we are just going to be introduced to him and over the course of doing this I would like to take them on trips to the Mary Rose ship and to see if any of his palaces are still open to the public for their trips this year.


Nature and Natural surroundings.

Aim: to encourage the Children to look at the natural beauty around them and the patterns in nature, to tie in with Symmetry in maths the children will be looking for symmetry in Nature where it appears and how it has influenced our architecture this weeks trips include:

Local Park looking at trees and plants and colours

Bristol: looking out for Gromit! We will be going to hunt down Gromit’s that have been decorated and placed around the city.

Religious education:

Christianity – as we are doing the Tudors we are going to look into the origins of our own religion and how if differs from its origins within the Catholic Church.

This week we will be going to church and taking a look at the project book I was given on the subject.


This week we will be performing a selection of experiments on soluble and in soluble substances found in The science kit we brought for the children.


If we have time we hope to finish our current projects a taggy for Emily, a pillowcase for jessica’s bedroom and we have a teddy door stop who needs some repair.

I have also introduced Emily into Home ed and we have started doing Fantasy Phonics with her this is a little different to the Jolly phonics we used with Jessica and Thomas but it is bright and colourful and she seems to love them as do thomas and Jess being different to theirs they dont mind mucking in and helping me teach her :0)

so here is our new time table:



7am –



8:30 am –


Writing their own Poems

Snack Time


12 noon

Reading their poems out

Lunch Time

1 PM –

3 PM


Snack Time

3:30 PM –

5:00 PM

Tidy up Time

Dinner Time

5:30 PM –

6 PM

Bath and Book

6PM –

7 PM

Show daddy this week’s work

This only shows you Thomas’ but I think you get the Idea we are going to head to a new group next wednesday and discussions have started about regular house visits so a few of us with larger living spaces offering to take turns opening up our homes for each other to get the children together on a weekly basis so I am now finding my feet in our new Warminster home :0) anyway I still have tomorrow’s work to print and file into the childrens folders so had better leave it here for now and hopefully I will now be back to daily updates x